Colloidal Gold Immunochromatographic Analyzer AGS1000

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Colloidal Gold Assay / Immunoassay Analyzer / Rapid Diagnostic Test

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Product Details

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Five Advantages Of Products

  • Automatic testing
  • Automatic printing of testing results
  • After the test is completed, the card will be automatically lost.
  • Other functions: optional
  • Various application

Product Details

Name: Colloidal Gold Immunochromatographic Analyzer 




Automatic testing of reagent card, built-in thermal printer, automatic printing of testing results,

After the test is completed, the card will be automatically lost, and 4G/WIFI function can be configured.


Various medical institutions (clinical departments, emergency laboratory departments, community medical centers, primary health centers).

Pet hospital, food safety inspection, animal inspection and quarantine, environmental monitoring, Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine.


Technical performance

Principle: Colloidal Gold

Channel: Single

Sample Type: Whole blood/Serum/Plasma/Urine/Others

Reading Time <15s

Testing Method: One reagent card with multiple test items

Reagent Card Code: Bar code& QR code

Printer: Embedded

Reagent: Customized: Conventional card, Microfluidic chip card

Transmission: 4G, USB2.0, RS232C, wifi, Ethernet, LIS, HIS

Screen:7 inches Touch screen

Language: English and others

Analyzer Size: 270mm*154mm*130mm

Weight: ≤1.5Kg

Guangzhou Labsim Biotech Co.,Ltd.

Contact Person: Doris Chan

Telephone: +86 13794396326

Landline: +86 20 28200186

Company Address: G4-402, No.31, Kefeng Road, High-tech Industrial Zone 510700 Guangzhou,Guangdong,P.R.China


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