Slide Thermal Printer G304

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Product Details

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Five Advantages Of Products

  • clear print
  • Easy operation
  • environmentally friendly and healthy
  • large loading capacity
  • multiple information input methods

Product Details

Name: Slide Thermal Printer 

Model: G304


Labsim Thermal Transfer Printing Technology

Clear print, anti-corrosion, high and low temperature resistance, preserved for long time.

▶ Full Color Screen, easy operation.

▶ Print Texts, Symbol, Graphics, QR code.

▶ Stand-alone work with built-in computer.

▶ Linkable remote computer.

▶ Compatible to LIS and HIS.

▶ Language: English and the others as customer request


Lightweight Print immediately after scanning

Specially designed for pathological process optimization, the small size with 18.2cm width is very suitable to be placed next to the microtome to improve work efficiency.

Print speed: 2.5s/ piece

Dot per inch: 300 dpi/inch

/Technical Parameters/

✔ Carbon toner, recognized as the most stable printing medium, can meet ultra-long-term storage requirements. No harmful gas or dust is generated during the printing process, which is environmentally friendly and healthy. 

✔ 8 inch HD LCD touch screen. 

✔ Language: English and others as customer request.

✔ Built-in operating system without external connection.

✔ Stand- alone work with built-in computer.

✔ Editable templates can input information with up to 7 input boxes and QR code.

✔ The loading capacity is up to 100 pieces, and new slides can be added without pausing.

✔ Clear print, long-term preservation.

✔ Print Texts, Symbol, Digits, Graphics and QR code. The imprints are corrosion resistant exposed to xylene, alcohol and decalcifying fluid.

✔Output slides in the front, easy to print and take out.

✔Single storage up to 10 pieces.

✔The semi-closed side cover design is convenient for adding new slides, changing ribbons and maintenance.

Make Pathology Easier

Guangzhou Labsim Biotech Co.,Ltd.

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Telephone: +86 13794396326

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Company Address: G4-402, No.31, Kefeng Road, High-tech Industrial Zone 510700 Guangzhou,Guangdong,P.R.China


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