About Us


Founded in 2007 , Guangzhou Labsim Biotech Co., Ltd , as the mature manufacturer for supplying comprehensive solution of automated fluorescent immunoassay system and Pathology Products in China, is dedicated to offer service for global IVD enterprises and Pathology Departments with the mission "Make Medical Test More Accurate" and "Make Pathology Easier". In domestic market , we have the most complete variety of POCT and Pathology products, and more than 100,000+ hospitals and clinics use our instruments.


At present, we have two production bases in China. One is Labsim in Guangdong Province for POCT Products and another one is Labsim in Jiangsu Province for Pathology Printers.

Various application of Labsim POCT products: hospitals/clinics, laboratories, food safety, inspection & quarantine, veterinary care, emergency rescue, drug testing and forensic diagnosis, military medical, etc. In 2020, our analyzers have made great contributions to the field of epidemic test.

Labsim pathology printers include Thermal transfer printers, Laser printers, Ultraviolet printers (slide/tissue cassette).


In addition,Labsim has been always committed to the continuous innovation of technology,which has its dominant position and independent intellectual property rights in the fields of mechanical automation, integrated circuit, biological technology, optical system, image processing technology, etc. We are dedicated to provide the best solutions for customers. More products with new innovation and original invention by Labsim are going to get into the market in the near future.