A grand housewarming | Fifteen years of prosperousness, hand in hand to the future


Set up ambitions to create a foundation to add color to Labsim, set lofty aspirations to write the spring and autumn and the sun and the moon, the delicate flower baskets and the bright red carpet welcome the guests from all over the world, the door welcomes hundreds of blessings and boundless wealth, and the housewarming is auspicious.

On January 20, 2022, Labsim Bio was officially relocated to H6/H7 (4th floor), Najin Technology Industrial Park, No. 39, Ruihe Road, Huangpu District, Guangzhou City, and officially settled in the office from now on.

The stars have changed, and the years have passed. Guangzhou Labsim has gone through 15 years in a blink of an eye, and we have witnessed its development and progress. Today's housewarming is a self-challenge of the company from concept to practice. Taking this as an opportunity and relying on strength, it brings the renewal of concept and the overall improvement of business.

Professor Song Haibo delivering a speech

Health Medical

In the housewarming ceremony starting at 10:00 a.m. on January 20, 2022, Prof. Song Haibo, vice president of the National Health Industry Enterprise Management Association, president of the Medical Inspection Industry Branch, and vice president of the Shanghai Institute of Experimental Medicine, moved to Labsim Bio. Give speeches and best wishes.

General Manager Mr. Wang Zhicai delivering a speech


Mr. Wang Zhicai, the general manager, delivered a speech on the occasion of the housewarming. First of all, I would like to thank the leaders at all levels and customers for their long-term attention and support to Labsim. We will use this housewarming as a new starting point to provide customers and friends with better quality and better quality. Comprehensive products and services, and common development with everyone! Secondly, he expressed his outlook on the future of the company: in the new working environment, we hope that all employees will maintain a high spirit, focus on improving product quality, work efficiency and service attitude, and strive to improve the brand image and management level. Passion for performance composes a new chapter in Labsim's career.

Ribbon-cutting moment

Measurement Analysis

Guests attending the housewarming ceremony include: Mr. Wang Zhicai, General Manager of Guangzhou Labsim Biotechnology Co., Ltd., Vice President of the National Health Industry Enterprise Management Association, President of the Medical Laboratory Industry Branch, Professor Song Haibo, Vice President of the Shanghai Research Institute of Experimental Medicine, National Health Industry Association Chairman of the Experimental Medicine Branch of the Industrial Enterprise Management Association, Professor Wang Hualiang, President of the Shanghai Institute of Experimental Medicine, Director Xiong Shenghe of the Laboratory Department of Nanchang First Hospital, Director Wang Yadong of the Department of Gastroenterology of the Southern Hospital of Southern Medical University, Vice President Xu Jianhua of Shunde Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Professor Tang Yong, School of Life Sciences, Jinan University, Mr. Yuan Ye, General Manager of Guangzhou Jiete Biofiltration Co., Ltd., Chairman Xue Xinping of Guangzhou Chuangyu Investment Management Co., Ltd., Professor Deng Ning, School of Life Sciences, Jinan University, and Jiangxi Jianwei Biotechnology Co., Ltd. Yu Ms. Tan Yongmei, Chairman of Jianfu and Deputy General Manager of Guangzhou Labsim Biotechnology Co., Ltd., witnessed by many guests, Guangzhou Labsim opened a new page and opened a new historical journey

Health Medical

We firmly believe that with the strong support of leaders and guests, and through the tenacity and joint efforts of all employees, we will surely achieve greater development and achieve more brilliant achievements!

On the occasion of the Chinese New Year, Guangzhou Labsim wishes everyone a healthy New Year! May all go well with you!

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